Kimes Morris Construction

Over the years, the technical aspects of our commercial and residential projects have presented some remarkable challenges that we have helped to work through and complete. With diverse backgrounds in our staff and team of sub-contractors, Kimes Morris prefers complex projects. With Thirty-five full-time employees and selected sub-contractors we can build a closely knit team that is attentive to cost and schedule, but not so big that personal relationships or responsiveness to a client’s needs are lost in doing business.

Today’s competitive environment demands proactive, forward thinking to tackle projects in the Bay Area. In-fill work in dense areas, restorations and multi-use structures all require creative solutions with an eye towards cost efficiency. Kimes Morris has evolved throughout our sixteen-year history and now relies on our collective experience, the latest technologies and a team approach to overcome design challenges in the new millennium.

Our expertise and desire to construct beautiful, useful structures have naturally led us to our specialty: high-density, mixed-use residential developments. Our renowned projects, like the Gaia Building in Berkeley, California, are the fruits of a concerted effort by the developer, the design professionals, the city building department and our construction team.

We at Kimes Morris can coordinate all these necessary elements to help deliver your unique project on time and on budget.